Monday, 19 April 2010


I've a confession to make: I didn't finish the 30 headbands. Well, not all in one go as I'd hoped. I had to come up with 7 more styles when I arrived in London, and luckily my friend Lucy was nice enough to come 'round and do some modeling for me. This was minus the professional photographer and lights, so I hope I don't think I'll live up to your expectations, Joseph, but we gave it a shot!

My favourite photo didn't quite make the cut, so I thought I'd share it with you here. See Lucy's brilliance here: Her and Daniel are putting on an installation at Off Modern on the 29th of April at Corsica Studios and you should all go. It's free before 9, hurrah!

My flat is an absolute mess from our 'makeshift' studio and I've got the flu. All signs point to gargh. To those of you who've ordered over the weekend, thank you very much and your headbands will be posted on Wednesday. Hope you've had a happy Monday, everyone - but can anyone really have a happy Monday? x