Saturday, 24 July 2010

Shoot Shoot

Another project that has been a longtime coming is a collaborative capsule collection designed by myself, Jack and Daniel. Though we've been working on this project for a while, we've been having loads of trouble trying to come up with a name for our label - any suggestions?

They designed the patterns via YouTube compression, and I designed the garments. We produced a limited edition run of the pieces with the help of a talented seamstress in Toronto named Lucy Lirion.

Through the lovely people at Sketchbook magazine, we were able to assemble an impromptu shoot at their 2 week pop-up studio off Carnaby St in central London. (Pop in if you're in the area! It's a great concept.)

Here are some shots from the day. I am really excited for the photos and our website launch. A big thank you to everyone involved.

Photographer: Jameson Kergozou
Model: Symara Templeman
Makeup: Karn Kachiko

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Peg leg, anyone?

Alexander Wang, you cut a good trouser, but for now my bank account passes.

Alexander Wang high waisted pegged tuxedo pants from Shopbop

These might work in the meantime.

Womens trousers

Does the peg-leg look work for everyone? Or should this be a trend for those 6'2" and above?

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Makeup post

I must confess, I'm pretty into makeup. I have a pretty substantial collection and even though I probably only use less than 5% of it, somehow I'm always wanting to buy more. Unfortunately, my bank account won't let me indulge too much, but a makeup bargain or two won't hurt, right?

So when Superdrug's new line Makeup Academy launched, offering each item at £1 each, I was intrigued. How can you go wrong at £1? (You can though - I'm looking at you, Pound Shop razors)

I picked out some shadows and they were quite impressive - they were super pigmented and had pretty decent staying power. £1 each!

Here's how I incorporated shades 16, 11 and 12 into an everyday look.

For my eyes, I used shade 16 all over the lid, shade 11 in the crease, and shade 12 on the outer corner. I like to use a flat brush(bottom) to pack the colour on, and for the crease/corners and blending, the rounded brush (top).

I used Clinique cream shaper duo in Brown Sugar, which I stole from my mom's collection.

Lux Laze

This is Daniel's short film, available to buy here.

The limited edition run comes with VHS/DVD/ZINE/CASSETTE TAPE. Lux Laze is also my film debut as an "actress" and costume designer. I evoke such emotion walking around in that orange suit, let me tell you. Red carpet in no time, right?

Maxi dresses

At 5'2", I've always steered away from maxi dresses knowing I could easily look like a hobbit. But here are some petite ladies who pull off the look amazingly.

Nicole Richie in a Love Tanjane halter dress

Vanessa Hudgens wearing a Gypsy maxi dress

Rachel Bilson in a tiered maxi dress.
I'll take the top two please!

For a cheaper maxi dress alternative, this Awear dress is £35. I like to think the sheer hem, that'll show off a bit of leg, is short-girl friendly!


I have a friend called Christopher, who lives in Amsterdam and he makes a monthly zine called Bellzone and it is very nice and it was on the Vice website.

Buy it, why not?

Food Twice Eaten

Two of my closest friends have very cool younger sisters who have a very drool-worthy food blog on tumblr.

This is Christine and Christine. Cute, huh?

Definitely a must-read if you are a foodie from the Toronto area.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010


I quite like quirky collars when it comes to playsuits. Here are some of my picks.

LouLou Loves You lingerie playsuit. £225

Awear playsuit. Dainty pearl collar, how I love you. £26

Kimchi and Blue scallop edge playsuit. On sale for £19.99

Stop Staring Sailor playsuit, £89

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Those That Move

Part time lover Lucy.

and her stylish television sets

Vwede and Matt

Watching Daniel's film.


The fruits of Sarah's labour.

cool super heroes by Alice Rigby