Sunday, 18 July 2010

Makeup post

I must confess, I'm pretty into makeup. I have a pretty substantial collection and even though I probably only use less than 5% of it, somehow I'm always wanting to buy more. Unfortunately, my bank account won't let me indulge too much, but a makeup bargain or two won't hurt, right?

So when Superdrug's new line Makeup Academy launched, offering each item at £1 each, I was intrigued. How can you go wrong at £1? (You can though - I'm looking at you, Pound Shop razors)

I picked out some shadows and they were quite impressive - they were super pigmented and had pretty decent staying power. £1 each!

Here's how I incorporated shades 16, 11 and 12 into an everyday look.

For my eyes, I used shade 16 all over the lid, shade 11 in the crease, and shade 12 on the outer corner. I like to use a flat brush(bottom) to pack the colour on, and for the crease/corners and blending, the rounded brush (top).

I used Clinique cream shaper duo in Brown Sugar, which I stole from my mom's collection.


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