Sunday, 29 May 2011

The Sunday Times Style

I am always so grateful whenever Little Fille gets any press - so when I saw these pictures in the Sunday Times Style, I was beyond thrilled. I got these in an email from my mom (yes, she subscribes) and was then instructed to buy the entire newsstand (I bought 7).

Thanks so much to Maria Prasomya from Style and of course to the amazing Olly Paton, who styled this gorgeous shoot photographed by the talented Arved Colvin-Smith.

Yellow gingham bow turban and blue two-way turban available here.


Rachel said...

Amazing - well done! About to wrestle that off of my Mum then!

Louise Nowelle said...

OH MY GOSH!! Mari this amazing!! I need to find a Sunday Times after work! The shoot looks gorgeous - well done! xx

Ruslana Novikova said...