Saturday, 12 May 2012

Headpiece Giveaway!

Win your choice of either our Drew or Tiara style headpiece, plus a flower clip of your choice. To find out more, keep reading to the bottom of the post!

If I'm being completely honest, I've always had flower haberdashery in my arsenal that I've never quite been compelled to use. That is, until I came across this beautiful image of my baby cousin Marian (now in her early 20s!) with this little number on her gorgeous little head.

Continuing on the honesty front, Marian is actually the headband aficionado of the family - she was practically born with a headband on her head. 

Anyway, here are the pins in question - dainty, small and sweet just like the tiny inspiration herself, and best of all, each one is unique but still totally affordable.

Little Fille flower pin, £4
Little Fille flower pin, £4
Little Fille flower pin, £4
Little Fille flower pin, £4 
These clips are quite dainty, but if you are into something more full-on (think floral crowns) - I definitely think you should also check out Crown and Glory - Soph has got some great stuff for all you flower lovers out there.

I also like the sunflower headbands over at Lou Lou Loves You - very ethereal!
I've also remade some older pieces that I think are absolutely wonderful for the summer - if London ever gets one, that is. I'm itching to wear these headpieces with t-shirts, cut-offs and Doc Martens. Send some sun my way.
Little Fille tiara, £25
Little Fille drew, £20 
Oh yes, contest stuff! You can win a flower clip and your choice of either a Drew headband or gold plated tiara. 
Just comment below on with your email address and what you'd like to win. You can also follow me on twitter at @sarimantos and tweet about this contest, and make sure to include this link: 
There'll be a winner via blogger and via twitter as well. Good luck!


The Robyn Diaries said...

Oh I absolutely love the Drew headbands, the green one you are modelling would look amazing with grey marl, black sandals, a black leather backpack and some necklaces. Gorgeous!

I would definitely like to win that one I think :)

The Robyn Diaries said...

Oh my gosh I am so silly, I meant the tiaras!

Abbie Gaiger said...

these are all beautiful! i particularly love the last cream flower pin, and the tiaras - the pink one is so lovely :)

Amy Valentine said...

They're all gorgeous! I love the third flower pin and the pink tiara!

Yona said...

I'm in love with the tiaras!

Lisamello said...

Oh they are so pretty, I would love to win a tiara!

The flower clips are cute, I can't wait till Summer, proper summer, so I can wear all sorts of cute flowers and headbands ^_^

Lisamello xx

Hannah Winstanley said...

They all sum up spring/summer so well! They look so light to wear too and could make a hairstyle gorgeous with such little effort.
My favourite is definitely the Little Fille Drew because it would suit so many occasions especially festivals.
And I love the purple tulip pin.

Those two would be amazing to win, they'd start my summer wardrobe very nicely!

Anonymous said...

I love the tiara's!!!!! Soooo pretty.

I want all the clips too- beautiful!

Becky said...

the little purple flower clip is gorgeous!! I would love to win that one!

Becky said...

oh my gosh! forgot my email. It is

kertuuu said...

i'll be short.. drew is simply my wet dream for this summer (or life?)!

Kenna said...

I loooooooovvveee the first flower pin and the gold and jade tiara... soooo beautiful!!!


Ioana-Carmen said...

Your post is beautiful! follow each other?:X

evie said...

i love the tiaras!it makes the wearer feel dainty <3 the flower pins looks very pretty too!