Friday, 15 March 2013

SHOWstudio x Design Download

I've slowly been getting back into doing creative things, so when I saw this SHOWstudio brief, I thought I may as well go for it. To me, Giles' dress is the perfect mix of old and new, so I decided to go a little space age/holographic with the fabric.

Turns out, this fabric was my worst nightmare. I spent my time half laying on the floor in fetal position and the other half screaming, "Give me cotton or give me death!" I hope that gives you a nice mental image.

Anyway, onto the photos.

The liquid metal effect 

 An iPhone ad from da future
  Slathering one's face in foundation is the way forward.

Initially, I tried to make a matching veil - but it just looked like I went to a fancy dress party as the tacky Tudor nun from the future. I think the tiered metal and plastic collar worked a lot better in the end. I hope.

It may not have turned out perfect, but I think the learning process (no matter how frustrating) was really good for me. Thanks SHOWstudio and Giles Deacon! What a great concept it is to be able to download patterns from such amazing designers.

Mari x

PS Keep a look out for the website and release (finally) for my womenswear collaboration (with Daniel Swan and Jack Latham) coming soon! The fabrics prints are of sexy YouTube mashups. Because nothing says floral like a guy eating lunch mixed with a hurricane. Here's a sneak peek:


Hi there, hi. Hello. I've been quiet for quite some time now. Lots of different things have happened (more on that later - don't mean to sound so ominous there), but I thought why not break the silence and show you some Little Fille stuff I've been working on. On a Saturday night at 3:39am, no less. Fun, party times.

(My mannequin's name is Headwig. GETIT?)

I've been experimenting with shells, plastic and metal. Usually my personal style is quite minimalistic (or whatever I pick up from my bedroom floor, let's be real), so sometimes it's quite a challenge to get into "Little Fille" mode. I hardly ever wear headbands. Shock, horror! But I absolutely love to create new pretty, little things - so look forward to more in the future.

Mari x

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