Sunday, 9 May 2010

Topshop makeup haul and review

photo from Inside Out

I'll admit it, I am a bit of a cosmetic junkie - a bit ironic since I'm often too lazy to put it on! Naturally, when Topshop announced they were going to be releasing a makeup line, I couldn't wait to have go myself. Priced very reasonably with most things well under a tenner, the line did not disappoint. Here's my review of the four products I did buy (I had to stop myself from buying the whole store).

Kohl in Saddle
- £4

This dark chocolate brown liner (with a hint of shimmer) is really velvety and easy to put-on. It doesn't tug on your skin and glides real smoothly. Lasting power pretty decent for 4 quid.

Blush in Neon Rose - £6

Pretty creme blush that's natural and 'pop' at the same time.

Crayon in Sun Shower - £7

This is really, really gorgeous stuff. Super pigmented, super velvety. It's part of the S/S 2010 trend collection so you might want to stock up. Cute video how-to tutorial on the Topshop website. I think I may just have to buy the silver version.


Top: Blush in Neon Rose, Middle: Crayon in Sun Shower, Bottom: Kohl in saddle

Lip polish in Melba - £6

This is my favourite buy, maybe not so much for the formula (tiny bit sticky), but the colour is really pretty, quite opaque and definitely lasts. My new favourite lipcolour, for sure.

Here it is in action (along with all the other products):

Daniel says: "Do you really have to make a mental face in all of your photos?" Answer: yes. He also wanted to be included in the blog:

You can purchase Topshop makeup via their website.

Mari x


fashionteller said...

I soooo need some Topshop make-up in my life! Fab products and I deff want that blush!xx

Michelle Elaine said...

I was on vacation, but when I came back and saw that TopShop had released a makeup line I went bananas! I'm trying to figure out what specifcally to purchase otherwise I'll go broke.

I just may have to get that lip stain though cause the color on you looks gorgeous!


Eda ♥ said...

I'm a little stubborn when it comes to make-up as I'm a MAC only lover, however the packaging alone is persuading! Nice post ♥

Please follow,
Eda ♥

Edyta Knapinska said...

Has Daniel used some Topshop make-up goodies as well? He looks so fresh and radiant! :-)

Miss Molly said...

haha.. cool products! i am from SA but was in Ldn about 2 weeks ago.. didnt see the make up in Topshop but definitely wish i had :(

mari said...

Claire, can't wait til you get your haul.

M.E, thank you. Buy it, you won't regret it!

Eda, it's a great budget-friendly alternative. Love your hair, btw.

E, of course. Would you expect any less?? ;)

Miss Molly, awwww, the makeup was just released. Maybe next time?