Tuesday, 18 May 2010

What I've been wearing lately

I usually enjoy looking at these on other people's blogs, but attempting to post one myself has been a bit tortuous. Here is what I've been wearing the past couple of days anyway. Ok.

Sorry this is a bit blurry, but iPhones can only go so far late in the night. I don't really have a giant bottom lip, I'm just making a face.

denim jacket - Salvation Army
scarf - mom's
shirt (you can't even see it, but it's just a simple silk yellow button-down) - Value Village
skirt - H&M
shoes - Swedish hasbeens - I spent far, far, far too much money on these but I think they just might be worth it. I rarely wear heels because I'm just not capable of walking in them it seems, but these are the most comfortable pair that I have ever owned. Really.
headband - little fille

The problem with being 2'4" (5'2") is that you lots of outfits can dwarf you and make you look like a tiny man dressing in giant's clothes. Despite that I am aware of this fact, I still have that problem. Case in point. I still really like this jacket though. If you are ever in Brighton, definitely check out Wolf & Gypsy, they have an amazing selection of vintage pieces. Not everything will make you look like an old man. Promise.

jacket - vintage from Wolf & Gypsy
shirt - same as above
trousers - h&m
shoes - absolute vintage
bag - canvas "Hi, how are you?" bag, from a Daniel Johnston show

Oh hi there, elf I want to punch in the face. I don't really like this photo, but it is the best one of the lot, so there you go. I made this jumpsuit myself by altering a vintage pattern. Bonus that the material was only £1.99 a metre at Brixton market.

romper - handmade by me
shoes - swedish hasbeens
starfish clip - little fille - 1 still available.

Right, here's the makeup part of the post. You, too, can look like an elf you want to punch in the face.

Eyes - Topshop crayon in "Sunshower", kohl in "Saddle"
Cheeks - Topshop blusher in Neon Rose
Lips - MAC Made to order

That's all for now. I have been tinkering around with the synthesizer for the past few days. Embarrassingly, I stayed up all night trying to figure out how to play the theme song to "Charles in Charge." Expect to see the fruits of my labour soon.

Mari x


Emily Bee said...

that second outfit is actually perfect xx


Anne said...
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Anne said...

ur too cute its disgusting


Michelle Elaine said...

You're such a cutie Mari! & I feel your pain I'm only like an inch taller then you or so and I swear clothes don't look the way I want them to with my height -__- total bummer!


Irem said...

this is better than lookbook. I am glad you never converted! I love your jumpsuit and jacket. You are cooler than school :)