Friday, 20 August 2010

70s style

The hair. The button down shirts. The crisp denim. Beautiful, poised, fresh and somehow, it all looks so effortlessly cool (Even though it would probably take me 3 hours and a thirteen types of hair masks for my hair to get remotely close to looking like Jaclyn Smith's).

My go-to summer look has pretty much been a button-down shirt tied at the waist a la Cheryl Ladd. Not very imaginative, but it works.

They key to "Charlie's Angels" chic is denim, denim, denim. I won't be throwing away my skinnies, but adding a wide legged flare every once in a while is a nice way to mix it up.

L to R:
MiH's Marakesh jean, EM's Old Schools (my personal favourite) and Awear's high waisted jeans.