Friday, 20 August 2010

Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Life

When my friend Philip (favourite movie: Trainspotting, nickname: Pedophil) was dating a high school girl while we were nearing the end of university, I took him to Chapters and showed him this page:

Then, when there I read about the film's open casting call for extras online, I urged him and my another friend to go (I was in in London, so couldn't). They didn't make it - but one of their sisters did (Hi Christine!), and she kindly gifted me with a coin she managed to steal find on the set - what a sweetheart.

Needless to say, I am really excited about this movie, partially because my hometown's finally on the big screen not disguised as New York or Chicago. Yes, okay, so I'm a little homesick.

Last Tuesday, Daniel and I went to see Edgar Wright in conversation with Joe Cornish. It was brilliant and we got to see clips of Edgar's old films which were the perfect combination of genius, hilarity and slight embarrassment.

At the end of the evening, they were running out of time so could only take one more question. They said it had to be a really, really good question, so most people's hands went down.

One guy still had his hand up and they said something like, 'Okay, sir, I hope this is a good question' and he replied 'Yes.'

His question was, 'Hi, I'm an aspiring filmmaker. My question is how do you feel when filmmakers have really good debut films, like Moon and District 9? Do you like it when filmmakers make debut films, and when they are like Moon and District 9?'

I will let you make up your mind as to whether or not that was a good question.

On Wednesday, since I am extremely skint (no travelcard, shocker), so I debated whether or not to go to Leicester Square to catch the red carpet stuff for the premiere, and ultimately decided yes.

I'd never actually been to a Leicester Square premiere, and the internet told me the size of the premiere would be "average," so why not? They were wrong. Size was massive. Here are some photos.

Ellen Wong

Bryan Lee O'Malley

Edgar Wright

Brandon Routh

Jason Schwartzman - son of Connie Corleone

Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Anna Kendrick

Michael Cera

Simon Pegg - who said the premiere was like Christmas for nerds

I didn't get close enough for anything to be signed, but a lovely man was emptying cardboard posters off a truck so I managed to get a souvenir. It was a very uncomfortable bus ride home. Well worth it though, as it goes with this giant Michael Cera head.

If you think this is slightly creepy, it is.

A parting gift for you - a short clip of MC being interviewed. It's incomplete, my arm got tired. I'm 2 feet tall, I did the best I could.

Scott Pilgrim, I shall see you on Friday (because I didn't win any of those advance screening tickets to the billion contests I entered. Darn.)


borj said...

yaaay thanks for virtually taking me with you <3

oh btw wheres the love to the person who persuaded you to go :P

lucky i love u betch


Anonymous said...

Hi Mari!

Michelle Elaine said...

the mr. cera floating head is totes creepy, but i secretly love it