Friday, 14 January 2011

Happy New Year, long time no post!

I'm back home in Toronto, and while it's been nice to be home, most of it has been spent in bed, flu-ridden. I even got to ring in the new year half asleep, nursing a migraine and fever. Amazing.

Here are some preview shots of Little Fille's upcoming S/S2011 collection, along with some grey knitted turbans which should be available sooner. I'm doing a shoot with all the new pieces hopefully on Sunday, before I send the samples out to Topshop. (Did I mention we're there for good now? :)

Anyway, let me know what you think and what else you'd like to see for Little Fille in the spring and summer!

PS also looking for Toronto based models, any leads welcome!
Mari x


little lyzi said...

They look great! I especially Love Leighton and Elizabeth :) xxxxx

Michelle Elaine said...

I honestly can't decide which one is my fave. I want them all! <3 Can you make one for me? Name it either Michelle Elaine or Fvncy ;) muahaha AND damn it! Someone send me to Toronto I want to help with your shoot. ALSO CONGRATS ON BEING IN TOPSHOP FOR GOOD! Go Little Fille go Little Fille go!


aliceandbeauty said...

I absolutely love Leighton! Will definitely be purchasing one of these little gems so my winter ear muffs have a Little Fille friend! xo

Rachel said...

Yay that you're there for good! And I am totally in love with the rope one! x

Vicki said...

absolutely beautiful pieces! like works of art! :) xo

Marissa said...

i know i'm super late, but i love all of these turbans! can't wait till they're available in stores!

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