Thursday, 27 January 2011

S/S 2011 preview

Had such a wonderful day with everyone involved in this shoot, what great people to work with! Thanks guys!!

This is just a sneak peek of some of the styles, all the bows are removable so quite versatile! There are about 30 new styles in total, and all will be available at Topshop! Stay tuned.

Photographer and fire eater: Joseph Estacion
Makeup, hair, and general greatness: Anne Borja
Models, jolly rancher fans and professional cupcake eaters: Julia Monson, Zoe Badley
Stylist: Me (thanks Value Village)
Assistant stylists and superheroes: Jennifer Keen, Suzanne Mercado, Janina de Guzman
Seamstress who made it all happen on time: Tessie Paragas, aka my grandma (Hey senior widowers, she's single and ready to mingle)


Yona said...

Hi! I'm from Chile and i wanted to let you know that i think that your hairbands are amazing!!! They're so original and beautiful <3. Each of them is so lovely and the best part is that you get 2 in 1. Keep the good work.

Michelle Elaine said...

are they gonna be available online to purchase!?


little lyzi said...

oh my GODDDDD this looks very promising :) x

Katie Styles said...

this is such a cute shoot. the hairbands look gorgeous! x

♥ StylisHedForeVer said...

These are so cute! I`m in love with them already...:)

Danielle Shepherd said...

Aw so fun and cute! Lovely collection, makes me smile :)

Danielle Shepherd said...

Also, do you mind if I illustrate one of the photos? x

STACY said...

these are great!!!
the styling is so fun and love the colours used in these.
well done to everyone, thanks for sharing too babe.


AfternoonTeax said...

Absolutely love your headbands!!! x

Mila said...

Oooooh these headbands are way too beautiful!