Friday, 6 August 2010

Busy bee

My cousin Janina has been staying over for the past couple of weeks and we have been doing things like making macaroons, attempting to paint our nails using water and swirly tie-dye methods - those super thrilling events will be on the blog soon. At the same time, I am trying to juggle all my freelance jobs plus finishing up the samples for the A/W collection, so it can manufactured by the end of September. I am really excited, but also scared (and broke) because of this venture. I am very grateful for my parents who have supported me throughout this ordeal - so fingers crossed it will pay off and I can make them proud.

Everything is looking really nice though, I've made some really cute earmuff/headpieces that are Princess Leia meets Blair Waldorf in the snow. I hope you will like them - I know I do!

In the meantime, here a photo of me looking like I do nothing but sip Thai iced teas and eat salt and vinegar crisps. This photo is dedicated to Anne Borja, who never blogs, but I guess that's okay. On the days when I don't see you on MSN, I should expect a blog entry, it's only fair, okay? Thanks Miranne.

Here is a gif of Michael Cera created by Derek Eads. I added the head.


Miss Molly said...

excited to see the new stuff!! please post pics soon! and it will definitely pay off.. i have recently learnt that hard work does pay off, so keep your chin up!


Anonymous said...