Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Little Fille A/W 2010 shoot

Last Sunday was a madly fulfilling experience. I'd been working so hard on getting the collection ready for my manufacturers for the past couple of months (eat, sleep, headbands), so finally seeing everything come together was like a dream come true. Bit much? Maybe so, but I'm really, really pleased at how everything turned out - especially since I didn't sleep at all the night before because, as Murphy's law would have it, I felt immensely sick (but I won't disgust you with those details).

The shoot was held in South Bermondsey, at a studio owned by the very talented George Garnier, who was lovely and extremely helpful throughout the day. If you ever need a studio to shoot in, I highly recommend contacting him.

My photographer, Natasha Marshall, was as sweet as can be, and really pulled through with beautiful shots and was so composed through the day, despite some minor setbacks. It was her idea to bring in the black balloons and coloured confetti, and I think that's what really helped pull everything together!

Wai Fung, our makeup artist was also a dream to work with. Extremely professional and he created all the looks exactly as I had imagined. The models looked like flawless dolls, and he was always nearby, makeup brush in hand, ready to touch up some lipgloss or brush the fake snow off the model's eyelashes!

I was also lucky enough to have the Knapinska sisters on board to help me style. Edyta, a friend I met on the MA course at St. Martins, prefers to be simply known as my muse. Iwona, her sister, was right there in all the action, combing the models' hair, and making sure everything was picture perfect. I was so, so grateful they could be there, as they really helped pull everything together - and thanks to E, we've got all these great behind the scene shots.

All the models were such lovely girls, and a pleasure to work with. Each had their own unique look and brought something different to the table.

Striking and ethereal, Keeley Sheppard is definitely one to watch. Watching her work the camera was really inspiring, she really knew exactly what to do to make the shot.

Olivia Dunn, fresh faced, with the sweetest personality to match. At just 15, Olivia was just as professional and elegant as any veteran model.

Sonya Cullingford, a dancer with the most amazing doll-like eyes, was a joy to work with as well. Her dance training really shone through, as she knew how to poise herself in ways that would work for the photographs.

I was so happy each model was able to make it, as I am admittedly picky when it comes to choosing models. Working with all three was wonderful and surpassed all my expectations.

A little video of the three in action:

Onto the photos:

Also, a special thank you to Daniel, who helped me lug all the stuff to the shoot, stayed all day for it, and got caught in torrential downpour to help find a takeaway in case any of the team got hungry. To Natasha's cousin, who helped blow up the balloons. And to Lucy, for carrying that giant fan all the way to work just so I could use it for the day. And to my parents, for supporting me with this too.

Ha, sorry, reading this over sounds extremely gushy, my apologies, but I am just really grateful for everyone who made this shoot happen. I can't wait to get all the pictures and show you guys. Hopefully everyone sees a headband they'll love and want for themselves!

Mari x


Michelle Elaine said...

yay yay yay! i've always wanted to work on a shoot - so glad that everything seemed to go smoothly for you!