Sunday, 3 October 2010


This post is dedicated to the lovely Michelle Elaine at Fvncy. ;)

Halloween is my favourite. Since it's October, I've decided to chronicle all my Halloween costumes since 2003 in one image-heavy post.


Ah, Gogo Yubari and my terrible oily bangs. This was when I thought turning photos BW and upping the contrast made me cool and artsy. Philip went as a giant tampon and this is the before photo.


I'm not sure - some type of one handed zombie bride with bad socks, who stole Julian Casbablancas' jacket.


The following year, Phil stole my costume. Him and Rene were the corpse bride and groom. I was some sort of broken-hearted, decapitated then revived, gothic elf who enjoys late night dinners at Wendy's.


Lots of recycling going on here again as Phil's used last years mask to create quite possibly the worstgreatest Darth Maul costume I have ever seen. I used toilet roll and duct tape to create the blaster of my ultimate ~style icon~ Princess Leia. Rene was the same guy from last year but with a gun. Just kidding, I think he was someone from Battle Royale.


Diy'd again. I think this costume cost less than 5 quid to make. I wore false eyelashes cos my 15 year old asian boy non-makeup face creeped me out.


Last Halloween, I had a wedding to attend, so didn't plan much of a costume. I made this out of a tea towel, a pair of tights and some underwear, how resourcefully gross. I did go to a Halloween party afterwards, but it turned out to be quite a small gathering of people I didn't really know at the time, and no one was really wearing costumes, and I didn't really want to be the elephant in the room. HAr. When I posted this as my facebook profile picture, someone thought I was wearing a breathing apparatus.

This Halloween, I'm not really sure what I want to be. I really wanted to go to Disneyland Paris because apparently they've got the most wonderful Halloween theme going on, but a trip on the Eurostar doesn't really look likely because it costs loads and loads.

What's everyone going as this Halloween?

Mari x


Katy said...

Hi Mari! Happy Halloween! My favourite is when you dress up like Princess Leia.:) you look so cute in it!!!:)

Michelle Elaine said...

Muahahaha! I love it all!! I wish you had a better shot of the elephant costume :) I think my fave one is the waynes world!! maybe i should do that with my boyfriend? but he totally wants to go as the bank robbers from the town. i think he just really want to hold a gun and dress up as a nun... haha


Judy said...

I love your Princess Leia costume- you look adorable! And the elephant on is cute too.

I'm planning to dress up as Cleopatra this year :)

Nav said...

Ohh i love Halloween, really wish i could celebrate it in North America though, you're right, it's just not as much of a big deal here!

You look amazing as Princess Leia but those Wayne and Garth outfits are priceless! Great idea!

Unfortunately I think i might be working this halloween, which sucks! :(