Friday, 22 October 2010

Mail time

The past few weeks have been an amazing time for mail.

1. My absolutelyamazingwonderfulthegreatestshoestoeverexist Litas courtesy of Jeffrey Campbell came in. Did I mention they go with everything I own?

2. I received the best present ever (now a staple in my handbag) made by my super talented little cousin, Angeline. Thank you Angel, how did you know a wallet is just what I needed?

Onto the photos.

In the winter, I dress for warmth and comfort. This often means I look like a shrunken granddad. Grabbing one of my Little Fille headbands makes me look like I at least put some effort into it. Double effort with the Litas. Actual effort required? Marginal.

I am really rubbish at these outfit posts - partially because the camera I use is of an ancient species, mainly because I am inept photography and posing. Most of the shots I have are blurry, and look like I need to pee. Or both.

But the real reason you are here:

My wallet - made with the finest duct tape money can buy.

The best part? It's personalized!

Bonus photo: my Simon Amstell in Grandma's House face:

Isn't it perfect? (wallet, not the face) I definitely think so. And no one else in the world has one. I will treasure it til my dying days.

Here is a parting photo of me, Angeline (left) and her sister Cel - two extremely talented budding fashion designers. (Sorry, Tita Anna!)


Michelle Elaine said...

you liar! you made an effort! curled hair and makeup! i see it dont lie!!! and man if we lived next door i could take your outfit photos :)

le sigh. tell me i can move to london and you'll have work for me to doooo! just say it i only half care if you mean it :x


mari said...

Makeup, yes - without it is too adolescent boy.

But my hair is permed (not to mention perma frizzed)

If I ever do get rich, you know you are hired.

(in the meantime, i've got a sofabed if you want to visit!!)