Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Contest winners and a surprise for all those who entered!

The lucky winners of the giveaway are aliceandlucy and milkteef! I'll be contacting you both later - thanks so much for entering!

For everyone else, not to worry! There will definitely be more giveaways happening soon, and I've also got a special surprise for all those who entered.

25% off every headband purchased until 29th November! Just type in your twitter name (for those who entered on twitter) or email (for those who entered here) during checkout, and I'll refund 25% back into your account within 24 hours. (This is because I'll need to verify your entry) Click here to shop now!

Thanks so much for entering everyone, I really appreciate all your kind words and support. Keep following because there will be more giveaways and surprises in the future.

Come pop by our Topshop Oxford Circus location too!

Mari x


Julia said...

Aww, Mari, you're so sweet =) Thanks so much!!

Louise Nowelle said...

Aww this is wonderful!! x

RenvieanneMO said...

oh hiii cuzzzo <3 lovely site ;)