Monday, 1 November 2010


Sans wig and bottom lid eyeliner:

I love halloween. Love, love, love it. Every year (post trick or treating years), me and my friends Rene and Phil have always gone to Church street to look at the amazing costumes and generally feel transported to Halloweentown. That, and a late night snack at Wendy's. Unfortunately, ever since I've moved to London, it's been a whole other story. Case in point, two years ago me and Daniel were supposed to go out as Wayne and Garth, but he refused to put on his wig and glasses, leaving me as a Garth-less Wayne in a crowded London club.

On the Friday, I went to a "Dystopian" themed party and dressed as Rachael from Blade Runner. The only other person dressed up was the DJ - who was a robot. FML.

On actual Halloween, I went as Edie Sedgwick, but I think I channeled a Goldie Hawn from 'Laugh In' type of vibe, only weird looking with a bulbous face.

From across the Atlantic, Phil and Rene were Bob Dylan and Andy Warhol. It's nice when friends are lame enough to be lame together from miles and miles away.

Here's Rene as Warhol


Rene, Nino, Suze and Phil. <3 br="">
More photos of them to come!

What did I do that evening? Braved my horror-film phobia and watched a free screening of The Shining. It actually didn't frighten me too much on viewing - but the scary thoughts remained afterwards and I had to sleep with the lights on. Dork alert.

PS Yes, those are the Litas again. We're friends forever. Or until I break an ankle.


Mari x


Michelle Elaine said...

<3 it!!! you did so good!! ahh you're ridiculously cute ;)


kristy eléna said...

i think you look amazing in your halloween costumes!!!! you're so adorable and pretty!

did you receive the links i sent you for the blog event? i hope you're still planning on participating. =)

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