Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Vero Moda

I was lucky enough to win a gold bag from Vero Moda for the opening of their London flagship shop on Oxford St. In reality, I won the bag for my mom, because I wanted to get her a little something special for being so supportive while trying to get Little Fille off the ground. Numerous picture messages later, she decided on a beautiful cardigan - and told me to get something for myself too. I grabbed this winter maxi dress - which was about a foot too long - trusty sewing machine to the rescue again.

Vero Moda maxi dress
Court leather jacket
H&M scarf

Not as to disappoint, this outfit's blingee brought to you by Cruella Deville.


Michelle Elaine said...


i love this outfit on you - i may have to try copy-catting this ;)