Friday, 11 November 2011

Carol's Wigs

Sometimes, when I make something new and need to put it online or send photos to buyers asap, models aren't the most ideal way to go. I definitely rely on my trusty mannequin (Hedwig, harhar) to model.

Thanks to a partnership with Carol's Wigs, she always has the best hair!

Here are two of my favourites so far, on our multi-wear turban tie-up headbands:

This wig is my probably my favourite one, reminds me of my favourite, Michelle Williams. The wigs are such good quality for the price - this one can be found here.

Love this disheveled Zooey Deschanel wig available here. It's sold out right now, but you can always check their Ebay page 'cos they're always restocking!

Here are some of my other personal favourites from the site:

Available here for £14.99

Available here for £14.99. (My friend Shyla wore this one for Halloween and it looked lovely on her)

Available here for £16.99

Best part for those of you in the UK is that they are based in London, so it won't take ages to come in the post. The wigs are really great quality, especially for the price. Carol, who runs the company, is also really wonderful and helpful to deal with! I'll take some photos with them on once I get a chance, so you can see them in proper action - though the model definitely does them better justice!

I'm strangely really into wigs - one day maybe I'll be brave enough to wear one out of the house.



jemmalouise said...

omg i want one, i wonder if they are itchy? id want to wear it out x