Monday, 14 November 2011

Winter giveaway!

It was pretty surreal seeing our Lola headband on the Urban Outfitters website - I'm always excited whenever I see one of our headbands anywhere and this is no exception.

So, in honour of our first piece at Urban, I thought it would be fitting to giveaway our handmade Lola headwrap - in either red, navy or grey.

These pieces are made in really luxurious lined velvet - so they're perfect for keeping your ears warm during the cold weather.




A little video of how to wear your headband.

How to enter

There will be 4 winners - one on Blogger, one on Twitter, one and one on Facebook, and one blog entry

1. Leave a comment with your email with your choice of colour
2. Follow me on twitter and tweet about the giveaway with "Win a luxe multi-wear velvet headwrap from Little Fille! Follow @sarimantos and RT to win'
3. Like Little Fille on Facebook and share the competition via your status, making sure to tag @Little Fille so your entry can be tracked
4. Blog about the competition and post the link here - favourite blog post wins!

Or do all 4 for more chances! Contest closes Nov 30.

If you don't win, you can always buy the headband from Urban Outfitters online here or on the Little Fille shop here.

Good luck, hope you like this piece as much as I do!

Friday, 11 November 2011

Carol's Wigs

Sometimes, when I make something new and need to put it online or send photos to buyers asap, models aren't the most ideal way to go. I definitely rely on my trusty mannequin (Hedwig, harhar) to model.

Thanks to a partnership with Carol's Wigs, she always has the best hair!

Here are two of my favourites so far, on our multi-wear turban tie-up headbands:

This wig is my probably my favourite one, reminds me of my favourite, Michelle Williams. The wigs are such good quality for the price - this one can be found here.

Love this disheveled Zooey Deschanel wig available here. It's sold out right now, but you can always check their Ebay page 'cos they're always restocking!

Here are some of my other personal favourites from the site:

Available here for £14.99

Available here for £14.99. (My friend Shyla wore this one for Halloween and it looked lovely on her)

Available here for £16.99

Best part for those of you in the UK is that they are based in London, so it won't take ages to come in the post. The wigs are really great quality, especially for the price. Carol, who runs the company, is also really wonderful and helpful to deal with! I'll take some photos with them on once I get a chance, so you can see them in proper action - though the model definitely does them better justice!

I'm strangely really into wigs - one day maybe I'll be brave enough to wear one out of the house.


Thursday, 3 November 2011

Pretty In Pink

EDIT - ONTDers, please vote for us for best pairing in the ONTD Annual Halloween Contest (or you know, the other people, if you prefer them). Thank you!

In other Halloween news, I finally got to live out my dream of being Andie Walsh for a day and consequently entered the "I Die for DIY" Chictopia contest.

Pretty In Pink is definitely my favourite Molly Ringwald film, and I’ve always wanted to pay homage to the ultimate monstrosity/amazingness that was Andie Walsh’s prom dress.

If, like me, you were simultaneously horrified and fascinated at the Frankenstein mess of a dress that Andie reveals at the end of the film – then you will know how much satisfaction I felt when I sewed that final stitch – knowing that come Halloween, I too, would be PRETTY IN PINK.

Of course, I needed Andie’s partner in crime – so naturally roped in my bff to play the role of Duckie. He did some DIY of his own – cutting an Elvis wig down to Duckie’s original curly quiff, and making his arm patch with some felt.

I made the dress out of the cheapest material I could find ($1 a metre, heeeyyy), and some lace to match. I also made some faux pearl earrings (details, details). Upon further inspection and costume research, I learned that both Andie and I have two piercings on our left ear which is an obvious indication that this costume was meant to be!

Surprisingly, this mess of a dress took longer to make than I expected – so let’s give credit to the incredible fashion designer/fashion icon that was Andie Walsh.

We also entered the ONTD costume contest - ha, God help us!

Anyway, do vote if you enjoy a great homemade ugly dress.



So, you may have noticed I've been MIA from the blog for a while - I'm back in Toronto, catching up with family, friends, siblings - and of course, work. We've churned out our winter look book - starring the lovely Lora Hayes and beautiful Juste Juozapaityte from Britain and America's Next Top Model! Both were absolute joys to work with - more on that later.

Anyway, this has been my first Halloween in Toronto in 4 years, so me and my bffs Anne and Shyla decided to go all out. I love Halloween - and it just isn't the same in London, so was thrilled that my stint back home would encompass this wonderful day. Without further ado, here is my halloween in pictures (Stolen from Anne and Karen's facebook pages - thanks ladies!)

Loads and loads of jello shots

Vodka jello brain

Red velvet cake pop

Spiced rum apple cider with shrunken heads

Spot the severed penis

On actual halloween, I went trick or treating with Daniel and my baby sister. (Baby brother didn't want to come!) We went as a zombie family and I loved the fact that my costume somewhat terrified young children. A pirate girl closed her eyes while walking to avoid looking at me. PROUD MOMENTS (I am a bad person).

How did you spend your halloween?

Lots of love,