Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Baby Fille?

Before I mailed off an order to my aunt, I took a couple of photos of her custom pieces. She asked me to design headbands for children aged 2 - 5, which was an interesting task. These heart headbands are very lightweight and fasten using velcro.

In case anyone was curious and was wondering where I was with Little Fille - I am currently in talks with manufacturers and am aiming to get my Autumn/Winter collection produced. This change means that you just might be able to find Little Fille stocked in a city near you sometime in the future.

I will also continue to feature one-off custom pieces that you can order directly off the website in due time - stay tuned.

M x


thaisa said...

lindos!how much it cost?qto custa?

Michelle Elaine said...

Awesome!! If I can't wait though I might have to order a custom piece :)


Anonymous said...

omg! is there a shop in t.o. that carry your stuff? they're sooo cute! i wanna pick some up for the girls... and about kyla... she's turning 8 this year! :-S


Miss Molly said...

WOW.. this is so awesome, congrats! Hope all goes to plan for you.. your head bands are gorgeous! xoxo