Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Becky Bloomwood complex

I hate that sometimes I have moments where I can spend way too much time looking clothes online. I can sheepishly say online window shopping is one of my many procrastination tools. (looking up "Ralph Macchio" on youtube is another)

I'm betting that spending time online looking for dresses you can't really afford is probably not the best way to productively spend a Wednesday afternoon, but one click leads to the next and before you know it, you're stopping yourself from reaching for your nearest credit card.

Hello, dwindling bank account.

See by Chloe shorts

Yes please!

Sadly, I'm saving my pennies right now, but for any of you lucky enough to have a bit of a disposable income at the moment and are into pretty blue dresses, this one's for you. And it's only 25 quid. Loads of other dresses on sale too, for those in need of a little retail therapy.



Michelle Elaine said...

scalloped shorts ;) love em! i still need some scalloped items in my wardrobe already.