Sunday, 20 June 2010


Happy Father's Day, Dad. I think you read this sometimes (I'm still not adding you on facebook, though)


Some dad facts on the top of my head at the moment:

My middle name is Antoinette because my dad's middle name is Antonio.

He is a great cook. Once he made some Filipino noodles for my kindergarten pot-luck and my teacher asked for the recipe.

When I was little, he would often pretend he was dead when I tried to wake him up. I am sure this has left some detrimental psychological effects somewhere along the line, but it hasn't stopped me from pulling the same act on my little sister!

When he would call me from downstairs when I was upstairs, he would sometimes yell "There's a ghost!" to get me to move faster. (I once jumped an entire flight of stairs because of this.)

As a child, I was allowed to draw with pen on him all the time...but wasn't allowed to wear makeup/nail polish until my late teens.

We watched all the Star Wars episodes 1-3 in the theatres together.

"Mr. Bean" was our favourite TV show.

I used to pull out his grey hairs for 10 cents a hair.

He used to do donuts in the car parking lot during winter because I liked how it felt like an amusement park ride.

We used to use garbage bags as sleds in the winter.

He once called me into the computer room laughing hysterically to show me a "joke" he got from his friend. It was a condom hidden in a walnut. WHAT. I actually just googled it right now, and apparently Malaysia shares his sense of humour.


julia said...

Mari, I really love your blog and, of course, your beautiful headpieces, too. I just wish you'd post more often =)

mari said...

Thanks Julia, I'll try!