Monday, 28 June 2010

I'm on a vespa

Since it's super sweltering outside, I think it's a great time to post some photos of me in my brand new hat on my brand new vespa scooter.

Just kidding. I only wish this were my scooter. But the hat is mine. Thanks, mom!

Here is another outfit.

In both photos I am wearing my favourite pair of high waisted shorts from French Connection, which were a gift from one of my best friends, Rene, two Christmases ago. Good present huh? (Okay, I may have picked them out myself, but I was just making things easier) Thanks RJ.

It is really hot in London right now. I am busy working on the A/W collection (when I am not taking pictures on vespas and pretending to own them) - sneak peek soon.

M x


Michelle Elaine said...

Love both outfits & bummer that those shorts aren't from this season! I need more high waisted bottoms in my life. I also need a hat just like that!


Mark said...

Very nice Vespa. I love those old scooters. By the way, nice outfit ;)

boo said...

shorts awesome. and i wish i had a vespa.

mari said...

Thanks everybody. :) Boo, I wish I had one too!

Anne said...

looove it!