Monday, 28 June 2010


Daniel has been making a short film and I have been making the costumes and 'acting,' alongside the talented Kerr Logan.

I don't mean to brag, but I'm pretty sure Daniel's the next Cronenberg. This film was shot in Toronto and London and I think you will be thoroughly impressed. If this whole headband thing doesn't work out, I guess I wouldn't mind being the next Cronenberg's costume designer.

If you would like to see this film, alongside work from other talented and gorgeous people like Lucy Stockton and Sarah Smith (who have also happened to model for me), then come to Those that Move, Camberwell's BA show at The Rag Factory, Heaneage Street (just off brick lane), E1 5LJ
Private view is on Thursday 1/7/2010 and its open daily until Sunday 4/7/2010.

Mari x


Michelle Elaine said...

thats so awesome!! looks like it's major fun too.


boo said...

cool shots! and it is amazing, really

mari said...

Thanks ladies. It was major fun. But also, excruciatingly hot in those suits.